Define Billy Meaning

a cute guy who is nice to his girlfriend and makes her laugh alot a billy is someone you either want to marry or have a long nice relationship. A billy is someone who might get his fealing hurts easily if you flirt with a nother girl he can be jelouse at times but in the end he still loves you but hes stupid you feal confident (brain wise) around him

billy is very sweet and hes a good boyfriendand hes a great kisser
By Magdaia
1) A slang term for bong, mainly used in Australia.
2) A small pot a bushman uses to brew tea and cook soup in.

1) "pass the billy this way mate when you're done with it"
2) -quote from Banjo Patterson's 'Waltzing Matilda'- "And he sang and he watched and waited till his billy boiled"
By Becka
'Billy' is other wise known as a bong. A deviced used to smoke marijuana with, otherwise known as grass or weed.

Hey man, pass the billy over this way.
By Laetitia
One sexy fucker with a large penis and gets all the girls

Girl: hey can i see your penis
Billy: yeah sure
Girl: holy shit you are a billy
By Riannon
The number one draft pick of the company. Very feminine features for a guy. He has a twohead instead of a forehead and enjoys long walks on the beach and planting tulips. He generally gets along with everybody and works hard for his money. (twenty dollars is twenty dollars)

He handles shortcomings and longcomings very well for such a small handed guy and has mad love for robot cock.
He has his ups and his downs(on his knees) but everybody loves billy.

If I had to pick 3 guys here to bang, I'd pick Billy all 3 times.
By Essie

i'm such a billy :( lends a mate!?
By Linnie

By Dru
Amphetamine speed, whizz

Derived from name Billy Whizz, a character in the Beano (UK children's comic).

Potential customer to dealer:-
"Got any billy?"
By Albina

Put your billy away!
By Janela
A billionaire. And no, "billy" is not derived from Bill Gates.

Bill Gates may be a billy, but Steve Jobs is a superhero.
By Wandis