Define Bitters Meaning


you run on the pitch
to abandon the game
in your bitter blue world
By Ethel
A feeling of deep anger and resentment. Bitterness is an emotion which encompasses both anger and hate, often people who are bitter appear to the world as just going around pissed off at everyone and everything. However bitterness is often a result of some past event which has hurt, scarred and jaded the person.

Mary let her bitterness she felt towards her family consume her.
By Evonne

He's so bitter all the damn time.
By Yalonda
someone who shows resentment and/or hatred towards someone or something

Learning to forgive is more healthier than being bitter.
By Ardeen
Expression of being in a bad mood over a relatively minor incident, often resulting after a series of minor bad events over the course of a certain period of time

I am so bitter this morning. Last night I forgot to set my alarm clock an hour back for daylight savings so it went off an hour early and I couldn't fall back asleep, I went to go eat breakfast and their was mold on the bread and we were out of pulp free OJ, and I didn't have any clean socks so I had to wear flip flops to school in the rain and I hate school in the rain, don't you?
By Sasha
My step dad is illiterate and uses this word. He also uses like 8 commas in one sentence to seem educated. I think he means this word as like frustrated or annoyed? But it has never been confirmed.

I'm sick of all of your bitterment and unforgivingness.
By Rosalie
1) A disease somewhat like liberalism
2) A rage similar to that felt by Macho Man Randy Savage
3) The defining aspect of the realm

Officer Joe is pissed off for no reason. He has stepped into the realm of bitterness
By Laverna
English beer that is brewed to be usually %9 alcohol (versus the pussy-ass 3.2 beer of the 'states) and is meant to be served at room temperature. Bitters usually has a bitter taste, initially, but as you drink it the lager tends to have a sweet after taste that really grows on you.

Oi, John, a pint of bitters for me and me boys!
By Sissie
When a person has had too many disappointments in his/her life and is thus never happy for fact, he/she would like for everyonelse to be as miserable as him/her.

Jenn: like, omg! I showed Brenda my engagement ring today and she wouldn't even congratulate me.

Heather: like, yea! She's so bitter!
By Veronique
A working-class white woman who clings to guns and/or religion, smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primaries, and plans to vote for John McCain out of spite when the general election rolls around.

Kentucky and West Virginia are full of Bitters.

Hey, look at that sour old shotgun-toting Bitter over yonder! What's that, her 10th cigarette break in 2 hours?
By Robina