Define Blasphemous Meaning

offensive toward anyone's particular religion or beliefs.

The thought of Moose eating a double ham and pepperoni pizza with a side of porkribs and a pig cola is very blasphemous.
By Brenn

Saying "rape" would be blasphemous to this definition...
By Alberta

Disrespectful of sacred things: expressing or involving disrespect for God or sacred things.

Basicly it's just offending people by saying things about their regilious beliefs.

What he said was blasphemous; he said that Jesus was a lying fraud.
By Lindsey
To say the lords name in vain

A conversation wich involves blaspheming
Mel:For gods sake grace your so dumb!!!!!
Grace: Bloody hell
By Kelli
One who blasphemes.

July was condemed too hell, for she was a blasphemer, and a whore.
By Elena
The name given to those bourne of the fashion gods.

Blaspheme was bourne when ye' gods of the old gave mankind fashion.
By Gwendolen
A person who chooses to desecrate any form of God (ideas of, images of, dedications to...). A person who lacks respect for God could be guilty of such title.

"Screw God, he's done nothing for me." -Blasphemer
By Filippa

By Ingeborg
One who commits acts of Blasphemy on a regular basis.

John Doe is a Blasphemer!!! He is going to hell!!!
By Charmaine
...1-One who has a mind of their own and chooses to question in disbelief all biblical, religious,esoteric and cannonized writings...2-Disregard for belief systems. 3-a person who speaks disrespectfully of sacred things. 4-a person who does is not devoted to a deity

Go fuck yourself and your crippled Christ..fuck your god.The concept of god is for the shepherds poor little sheep...are you a follower or a leader...I am my own God..therefor I am GOD..I am BLASPHEME...I am BLASPHEMER I an LUCIFERIAN......
By Carmencita