Define Blogs Meaning

plural of the popular internet word blog.

By Fred
blobs are shit.

Say you google something, you come across a blog which in the little info given on google to have the exact answer for what you're looking for. Say you google "How to sit down" , you see a blog as one of the options and in the info it says "How to sit down, first...) so you think "oh thats what i want" and click on it. you're greated by this style

how to sit down is well known but if you need a specific idea on how to do so then

how to sit down

*** So you think "Oh, ill click's what i want." You're greated by another shitty blog ***

if you were directed here because you don't know how to sit down then click here please.

*** "Oh which do i click, I guess "here" BAM ANOTHER BLOG WITH THE SAME SHIT FORMAT! ***

we can't be assed to answer that question right now so please visit the correct site.

by clicking here

*** "OH GOD DAMNIT FUCK YOU BLOGS!!!" clicks there ***



me: blogs are fucking piles of shit
By Jori
Blog It
A better way of saying that no one cares. It can be changed, yet mean the same thing. Such as:

Cool man, Blog it.
Update the blog.
Go ahead and blog that for me.

Oh shit Zed, I just realized that KEGE is 20nm north of here.

Blog it.

It's an ORBX airport.

Write a book.
By Marcille
Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

v. intr.
The act of posting to a weblog.

By Kacey
An online diary, usually used by people who want to feel important, and think other people actually read their daily garbage.

Friend: Do you have a blog?
Me: No, I am pretty happy with my life.
By Kathy
A short web entry about some nobody online that goes on and on about there not important, non-eventful lives full of personal drama and crap that no one wants to hear. Usally expressed in forms of text.

An example of a BLOG would be like, who blogs about his daily, boring life and throws in a few exciting pictures and nouns.
By Gwenora
Blog is a short form for Web log.

There are two types of blogs:

a) those written by people who are experts on a topic they're writing about, and their posts can be very useful to other people who are working on similar things.

Such blogs are very informative, and have a purpose. Design looks professional, and there are not any bigger annoyances.

Grammar is good, sentences are well formed. Box on the side provides more info, or links to other useful resources on the web.

Such blogs are very rare.

b) Those mostly written by emos, teenagers who have got nothing better to do and people who think that someone actually cares about crap that's going in their lives when in fact the only visitors they have are bots and other idiots who only comment to say things like 'I like your blog', 'great post', 'please comment on my blog'.

Such blogs also have a very poor grammar, there are no paragraphs and that makes it even harder to read.

Useless blogs that are of no value to the community in any way can be divided into following subtypes:

EMO CRAP - random ranting about how you are depressed, how you saw a good movie which reminded you of past and made you cry or how you bought a new CD.

colors are usually dark - the banner is way too big, and shows grayscale images of converse shoes or blood.

TEENAGE GIRL - usually consist of short posts with no grammar at all, and sentences like: 'school sucks.... i went shopping today. :DDDDDDD'.
smile to text ratio is usually 5:1.

The designs of such blogs are usually crappy, colors are flashy and hard to read, big images in the background, layout is mostly broken by crappy flash apps or gif images which flash for no reason at all.

Boxes are full of guy pictures, and lists of people they like/dislike, along with their own image, full name, mobile phone number, school, town, country zip code and other info useful to stalkers.

There is also a lot of music embedded that plays when the page loads and often there are more then one songs playing at once.

IDIOTS WHO THINK WE CARE - people who think that someone actually cares about how they just bought new shoes, ended in a debt or whatever.

ONE TIME POSTERS - those who have only one post informing us that they will now be writing their own blog.

"EA just announced RED ALERT 3, yet another game in the C&C franchise, but a first game in the Red Alert universe since EA took over Westwood Studios.

No one understands me. I feel so alone. Yesterday i bought new CD. I can really relate to these songs. ...and so on

and I went to mall today.... :D btw, i hate school... so boooring. is so hawt...
By Sibella
To fall asleep at the computer.

I fell asleep at my computer last night. I slept like a blog.
By Nicole
noun: contraction for "web log", a type of online diary

verb: to post diary or journal entries to a web log

Did you read what Michelle blogged on
By Darcy
A recent and disturbing trend on the internet. A blog lets people easily post comments onto a webpage. While blogs have many purposes, some of which can be useful, most people seem to use blogs as a way of having an online diary. These people have such massive egos and are so narcissistic that they believe that other people would be interested in reading their pointless ramblings. Even more disturbing is the fact that many people have such boring lives that they have nothing better to do than to read these stupid online diaries. They just feed the egos of the "bloggers" and encourage them to continue posting nonsense. Hopefully, "blogging" will turn out to be just a fad that passes quickly.

tim: Hey i just set up a blog on my website.
joe: What have you written in it?
tim: Oh just some random drivel.
joe: Sounds like the typical blog.
tim: Yeah, but plenty of people will still read it, and that will make me feel special.
joe: That's sad.
tim: I know.
By Caryl