Define Boards Meaning

Slang used to describe a pair of skis used for the sport of snow skiing.

Somebody ripped-off my new boards!
By Nanon
abbreviated term for 'board shorts.' board shorts, the optimal garment of choice for the summer months, are also useful in cold weather conditions, in hot tubs & the like.

'yo tyrrell, cop me a pair of boards pronto.'
By Sacha
usually refers to board shorts, the garment of choice to some throughout the year. innovators of the boards are sean dwyer & mike tyrrell.

'ayo tyrrell let me cop a pair of boards.'
(subsequently, t would go to the whip and return with an assortment of three to four multicolored pairs of board shorts.)
By Caty
How retarded people spell the word bored.

Keith: "Board tonite call with plans."
Me: "You're retarded."
By Marigold
A slang term for rebounds used most commonly in basketball.

By Biddy
1) What happens to members of a startup company who are not present at the board meeting.
3) To be screwed over.

Everyone but top management is getting boarded in the next board meeting. Across the board pay cuts and stock dilution for, because employees are objects you screw profits out of.
By Ardath
A board is a female who is overwhelmingly attracted that you can't take your eyes off of them and that you have no chances of hooking up. It is a word mostly used in class when someone is looking at the "board" but they are actually looking at the female in front of the real board.

Wow, that "board" has a fine figure.
By Julita
Short for skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, surfboard, and any other word the contains "board". Was shortened because it rolls off the tounge easier and sounds better in a sentence.

That guy was grinding and his board snapped and he sacked himself

By Joan
In Texas Hold 'Em Poker, the community cards dealt face up on the table.

"With two aces on board, there was no way I could call his all-in with just my pocket deuces."

"When my third six hit the board, I knew I had him."
By Carlota
Used by some of my friends to describe a map or level in a video game. Usually used when talking about said map or expressing opinion about that map.

Dude 1: "I love playing on this board"
Dude 2: "That's because it's the only one you can win on."
By Dody