Define Bombers Meaning


Yeyuh the bombers won yesterday
By Lizzie
A 22oz bottle of beer (commonly used by microbreweries) or a 1.5 liter bottle of wine (also known as a magnum).

I drank an entire bomber of something called Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale once. By the end of the meal I was listing heavily to the left and serenading my parents with a very weedy rendition of "American Pie".
By Janela
In rock climbing, a hold that is really big or deep or otherwise so good that it is "bomb-proof". Can also be used of equipment that is so good as to be infalliable.

"I was climbing She Don't Use Jelly (5.10a), and I about decked five times before I got to that bomber jug on the second pitch."
By Morissa
Scottish term for a round hole in an item of clothing burned by falling ash from a cigarette (or cannibis joint) of which you were smoking.

"Ah fuck man, i just got a bomber!"
By Alida
It's when u r more than hammered and way over bombed u become bombered.

I drank so much last night I was bombered beyond belief.
By Penelope
some one who writes graffiti

By Florinda
A very generously rolled joint, a joint that will get you really bombed, fatty

"Let's roll a bomber for the road, it's gonna be a long trip"
By Belvia
A joint rolled using king size pappers and packed to the absolute limit.

A absolutly massive joint.

this is NOT the same as blunt

bob: Man, i wanna get baked right now, but im dry
Bill: Dont worry man, i got a bomber back at my place, Well be high all night long!
By George
a guy who gets a lot of girls; those girls are then called the first letter of their name with bomb. example if your name is Allie you would be a-bomb

Man Mikey is such a bomber!

I know! He got with so many girls

By Benedetta
The mascot for Rensselaer Central Schools sometimes referred to as Bomber Bob. Their colors are black and red.

The Bombers are doing great this year.

I love Bomber Bob!
By Josi