Define Booth Meaning

(noun) a small, enclosed space in a recording studio (similar to Superman-style telephone booth). Usually used for recording vocal tracks, for separation (sound-proofed).

"Everytime I step in the booth, I spit the truth"
By Wilona
Something that is totally cool. Usage is identical to "the bomb."

That movie was the booth.
By Renie
1. (adjective) The act of needlessly over complicating a relatively simple task.

2. (adjective) Misinterpreting a simple idea or plan and twisting it around to where in the end you feel like you've been reverse donkey punched.

In the board meeting everything was going well until Daniel boothed everything up and confused everybody.
By Dottie
If something is incredibly dirty, seedy and disgusting it is described as being booth.

Yo, andrew is booth.
By Elonore
the crib, the place where you live.

I wuz chiilin in da booth wit my posse.
By Teddie
To be patronising in the extreme.

Innocent person: "Did you watch..."
boother: "No I didn't watch anything last night, so don't even begin to ask me what I watched last night. Because if you ask me what I asked last night, I'll say nothing, and then this will have been a total waste of time!"
Innocent bystander: "Say what?"
By Irma

Yo, it's as hot as booth.
By Kerrill

To murder something, so to speak. Usually used after someone tells a joke, and somebody adds onto it, but the add on is not funny at all, which "booths" the joke.

Named after the guy who assasinated Lincoln, as he killed the joke.

Also used to describe ruining, or killing the mood.

"Yo, so there he was, and I was like, Yoooo!"

"And I was there, and I went Yoooo!"
No response.
"Way to booth it."

"Yeah baby....I think we should take our relationship furtherrr"
"Like to McDonalds?"
"-_- Way to booth it"
By Ashli
The Booth
this can be anywhere making music takes place. Whether it's your dorm room, laundry room etc. if you're recording, you're in the booth.

J: Yo you tryna go to the booth?

D: Yea, Ill meet you in Getsch 108 (dorm room).
By Federica
In The Booth
in the zone, like you dont wanna be disturbed. Used for music, sometimes football and other sports

Yo, Karl don't bother me tonite imma be in the booth
By Carrissa