Define Box Set Meaning

Box Set
Refers to a male/female that is such a whore that there is box set chronicling there promiscuity.

Reids mom's box set contains 12 volumes, She does some pretty dirty sex acts in them.
By Trudi
Box Set

By Jeanelle
Box Set Ready
Someone who is in their late twenties/early thirties who is single but established in life. They are well into their professional career, have a fancy car and own their own house. Their friends around them are settling down and having kids but a box set ready person remains single but is desperate to meet someone and quickly settle down so they can catch up with their settling down friends.

This person is "box set ready."

"My best mate has just got a raise at work and life is going great but she is box set ready!"
By Evie
3 Box Set

Man, Shaniqua, Taniqua and Moniqua are a 3 box set like I have never seen. I couldn't walk straight for a week.
By Misty