Define Broke Down Meaning

Broke Down

Bob: "What seems to be the problem here, miss?"
Ugly ho on the side of the road: "Looks like my car's broke down, can you help me out?"
Bob: "That's not the only thing that's broke down. Later, skank."
By Frederica
Broke Down
Somethin or someone real busted up in apperance.

Milagros Redondo is such a broke down hoe thas why she ain't got a man.
By Ardine
Broke Down

that is one broke down chuck norris lookin' motherfucker
By Harley
Broke Down
To cry after holding in all ur feelings, to be really sad or upset

"Like I just broke down after my mother told me my dog died but I didn't show it until she left the room"
By Moreen
Broke Down

Oh your ford Broke down, don't surprise me!
By Madelaine
Broke-down, Busted, And Disgusted
When you have managed to sink to new lows, and can barely stand to look at your self in the mirror anymore, you, my friend, are broke-down, busted and disgusted. When you have reached that level, you know that you are truly pathetic. You are past pitiable. People cover their eyes nose, and ears when you walk by. There is no hope for you.

Derek had not bathed in two weeks, he had not moved from his bedroom in two months, and his friends had not talked to him in two years. The brother was broke-down, busted, and disgusted.
By Violet
Broke Down Bus Jayer
A broke down bus jayer is homeless piece of shit that jumas and is a rondo. They also do sexual pleasures for many men while being not flossy.

i never catch myself cakin on a broke down bus jayer..
By Olva
Broke Me Down
Disarmed. Took away all pretense. Took all my energy. Sexually: exhausted me by making me cum many times.

By Laurie
Broke Down
to lose self control but with a binge like appetite.

Your wife has been trying very hard to quit a nasty porn addiction but she broke down and now can't stop.
By Constanta
Broke Down
term used for when you separate from somebody you were never in a relationship with. but somehow emotionally attached to them.

“What happen to you and shae?” “Oh, we just broke down.”
By Enriqueta