Define Calm The Fuck Down Meaning

Calm The Fuck Down
Some thing that about 98% of people should do.

Christina, calm the fuck down
By Caril
Calm The Fuck Down
Used when someone is asking too many things at once.
It is used when you are trying to get the first task done and received many more in rapid succession.

Aqil: Make sure /etc/resolv.conf is up to date
Paul: On it
Aqil: Here's another task; reinstall the OS on the new servers
Paul: Will do
Aqil: Here's another task; upgrade the SAN
By Margaretha
Calm The Fuck Down Cujo
When someone is so mad , for no rational reason.

Hey man I'm pissed Debbie is dating Ray, she knows his brothers friend and I are friends!!!
Calm the fuck down Cujo
By Brittney
Cup Of Calm The Fuck Down
What every annoying bitch needs to chug vigorously

Arzaylea really needs to drink a cup of calm the fuck down, since all she does is cause drama.

Arzaylea needs to chug a cup of calm the fuck down, because everyone in the fandom with a right sense of mind hates her.
By Tyne