Define Cancerous Meaning

A term used for something that is so fucked up, that it is figurably able of giving you cancer.

Can be used as both an adverb and adjective.

Jake: Look at this gore I found the other day. It's fucking amazing.
Brad: That's some cancerous shit. Sometimes I don't know why I still am friends with you.
By Marga
The new SoL subchapter added in Battle Cats 6.4, otherwise known as Grotesque Gallery

"Did you see the new subchapter? It's more cancerous than the disease itself!"
"Yeah, I know! It's like a 3-year old's school project."
By Lurlene

Person 1: How did you get cancer?
Person 2: I watched Jake Paul
By Roxane
Logan and Jake Paul, Morgz, and other cunts who make a living abusing themselves and family members, AND clickbaiting 7 year olds into thinking they’re watching p0rn. WE HAVE A CRISIS ON OUR HANDS!!!

Parent: Exactly why does my child have cancer? Doctor: Cancerous YouTubers. Parent: Fuck
By Shandee

"Maybe I'll be Tracer–"
"I'm already Tracer"

"Hit or Miss, I guess they never miss, huh?"

Synonyms for Tik Tok:
cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer,
cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer.
By Gwendolin

Damn, Cancer, you really killed that dude.
By Tatiana
The zodiac sign cancer, the crab, is a water sign. The birthday range for this sign is June 21 - July 22.
Cancers are often associated with being emotional, sensitive, quiet, good behaved, humorous, fun-loving, understading, loving, nurturing, empathetic, a bit awkward, caring, and a bit quirky.

Cancers usually have a hard time coming out of their comfort zone. They are typically very shy at first, but as time goes on and they start opening up to you, you will learn that they are actually very fun-loving and a bit hyper

When it comes to friendships, cancers would rather have a small very close group of friends vs. a large group of friends. Not only are they typically introverted, but cancers value very close friendships and is easier for them to manage them.

Cancers are very sweet and caring in romantic relationships, they are loving, always thinking of the other person, nurturing, understanding, and always wants the best for their significant other.
Cancers can also be very protective and wants to keep the other to themselves, (not in a controlling way) and may even get jealous at times

Usually cancers enjoy a more vanilla relationship, but do not mind being sexual with their s.o. and enjoy those moments as well.

Cancers often hide their feelings. They love there friends and family, but may push them away or lie to them and tell them that they are fine. Usually they will only tell an extremely close friend or a significant other, but it may not come out imidently.

My zodiac sign is cancer.
She seems like a cancer.
By Darcey
One disease to rule them all. Anything and everything causes cancer nowadays, which is somewhat depressing. There is no true cure for any form of cancer, but there just might be if the human race would stop warring with itself and concentrate on destroying diseases instead.

My God! Jimmy! Stay away from the sun! It causes CANCER! My God! Jimmy! Don't eat that! It causes CANCER! MY God! Jimmy! Don't breathe in school! IT CAUSES CANCER!
By Kesley
Parents who smoke cigarettes around their children.

Nick: I can't breathe in my own home!
Tony: Why not?
Nick: Cancerents T_T
By Pauletta
The way something is or an act, something very stupid.

That dude just ate his own skin.
Bro, that video is cancerous! Shut the hell up!
By Amalle