Define Capable Meaning


will: that would be a sick shot with a SpiritCape

thomas: it's capable.
By Callie
A quote from SouthPark character Jimmy. He is Handi-capped and proud. He excells at many things, so there for he does not consider himself as Handi-Capped but HANDI-CAPABLE.

Cartman: Jimmy is Handi-Capped.

Jimmy: I prefer HANDI-CAPABLE.
By Flora
Fully Capable
Someone who can, and will, say the N word, but chooses not to.

"You would never say it, you don't have the guts"
"Nah dude, I'm fully capable"
By Cheri
Capable President
Something we yearn for, but can't seem to put into office...

I would put an example, but seeing as we don't currently have one, I can't!
By Joelle
Handy Capable

Hey look at that retarded guy... I don't think he can walk

Handy capable is a much better term for retarded you know. people don't get offended then
By Casandra
Handy Capable
It’s when someone is not like completely stupid

“ my dog ran into a glass door he’s handy capable
By Rose
When one achieves something most people would consider impossible or unachievable. Successfully completing an act that would be considered insane, while sane.

Dude, that was so Bo-Capable did you really just jump that semi truck?!
By Constantine
Someone that is handicap, and does stuff on there own.

“I’m not handicap, I’m handi-capable.”
“Molly crossed the busy intersection for the first time, she is handi-capable.”
By Malvina
Cognitive Capability Fabrication
An ability only low to mid-ranked divine beings possess. It allows the users to manifest any “superpower” imaginable. This ability was created by the high-ranked gods to accommodate weaker gods in dire situations. The ability activates when the user concentrate on the desired powers. There are no limits on how high someone’s powers can go, but there is a minimum limit. “Any being with Cognitive Capability Fabrication is unable to accelerate under twenty-five meters per second.” This limitation only refers to an individual’s sprinting speed, not the walking speed. The high-ranked Immortal beings may obtain the ability if they wanted to alter their bodies into a mortal.

P1: I wish I had superpowers.
P2: Do you know about Cognitive Capability Fabrication?
P1: No. What is that?
P2: Basically, you get superpowers by imagining them.
P1: I’ve done that before. It doesn’t work.
P2: That makes sense, because you’re not a god.
By Kayley
Selective Capability Disorder
Refers to a broad range of pseudo-maladies (where the person is merely faking/exaggerating a certain physical/emotional/mental infirmity/disability, like the infamous "selective deafness") that many lazy/selfish/uncaring people complain of, merely to get out of performing some undesirable task. These supposed maladies include:
(1) selective stamina/fatigue disorder, whereby the "sufferer" instantly becomes a nearly-lifeless "limp rag" whenever anything resembling w-o-r-k is requested/suggested; he always seems to be perfectly able to jump robustly back up again, though, when some fun/pleasant activity is subsequently offered or suggested
(2) selective phobia disorder, whereby the "sufferer" claims to have an intense fear/loathing of a certain aspect of the task at hand, again, usually to simply be relieved of having to participate in said task; he often seems to be able to placidly/confidently manage other similar-context activities just fine, however
(3) selective allergy/medical-condition disorder, similar to #2, whereby someone claims to have a serious illness/infirmity that would prevent him from safely performing a less-than-pleasant task, yet he's perfectly okay with less arduous/boring tasks which involve the same types of substances/conditions
(4) selective strength/health disorder, whereby someone claims to not be physically muscular/fit enough to perform a certain task, but yet he lifts weights, moves heavy loads in a hand-truck/wheelbarrow, etc. at other times

My uncle claims to be helpless.clueless whenever I ask him to step in and help resolve a dispute between a fellow youngster and myself, yet he is a headmaster at a private school and is known for his firm leadership there... sounds like selective capability disorder to me!
By Georgiana