Define Catch Meaning

A really attractive girl who all the guys want to go after.

By Stormie
1) To capture, seize, take or hold ect ect ect
2) The abriviation for the term catchya which is an Australian term which means catch you later or goodbye
3) Can be used to describe Chicks

1)Patty - "hey timmy can you catch the ball"
2)Steven - "Yeah I will see you later eh"
Ben - "yeah, catch"
3)Steven - "man is my girl a catch"
By Revkah
another word for get, not ment literally (not like catch a ball)

I'm gunna go catch some lunch, i'll see you later.
By Sheila-Kathryn
While in the midst of masturbation, using either California Style or Flick Style, one will attempt to play ejaculation catch. During the "moment of bliss" all semen is caught/attempted to be caught in one fell swoop of the hand.

When Mr. Hat returned from the bars, he retired to the Hatcropolis and proceeded to play a game of catch.
By Arielle
When a girl lets a man ejaculate in her open mouth without fellating him. Often done as a favor for a friend or to satisfy a craving for semen. She might masturbate him with her hands or he might masturbate and then ejaculate in her mouth often resting his penis on her lower lip or tongue

We never dated but she did catch for me sometimes.

I really needed to drink some semen, so I asked him if he would let me catch for him
By Fawn
A common term in independent film referring to cutting in a manner that is so visually jarring that audiences will potentially be taken aback or taken "out of the experience". You will "catch" them.

A visual edit causing viewers to realise they are indeed watching a film. Your audience is free falling through the fantasy, you don't want to "catch" them because then they will come out of it.

Some french foreign films from the mid 1900's, the time-jumps in "momento"

Many scenes that cut to new environments with different lighting or have an outgoing action that is not met with a match cut.

"Man that last scene really caught me, kind of ruined it"

"We don't want to catch our viewers, smooth that out"
By Pet
Another way of saying bye, or see you later

Person 1: Hey i'm gonna go, see u later
Person 2: Catch
By Augustina
catch- used when confronted by a scary object, mob, gang, or something you don't want to do is about to happen, it CAN mean goodbye, but like this, you don't actually go anywhere, you just remain standing or sitting, sometimes said or pronounced, 'cyatch'.
It can also be said just before it would seem you will get hit by a car.

(Zac is standing in the middle of the road)
(a car comes flying around the corner)
Zac: Catch
(car turns away from Zac)

Toby: Yo Zac, see that gang of Crips over there?
Zac: yeah man, catch! (Zac remains walking with Toby and never stopped walking)
By Guinna
When you catch something, you see it.

Eminem-&-Dre's 4GOT BOUT DRE: "One day I was walkin' by, wit' a Walkman on, when I caught a guy give me an awkward eye (What you lookin’ at?)".
By Tine
A Catch
1. A spectacular find, as in dating or marriage.

2. A golden discovery, as in a bargain or business deal.

3. Home-run-robbing snag made at the outfield wall by a professional baseball player.

1. Wow, I can't believe Sam is dating Melissa...she's quite a catch!

2. I found a used Jeep online the other day...low mileage, great engine, reasonable, what a catch!

3. OH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! He saved a home run with that waffle cone snag! That catch will be on Web Gems tomorrow, folks!
By Benedetta