Define Cellar Door Meaning

Cellar Door
The most beautiful sounding combination of two words in the English language.

By Vina
Cellar Door
A beautiful sounding combination of two words in the English language.

Most people first heard cellar door as a "beautiful" combination, thanks to the movie 'Donnie Darko'. Which is a VERY cool movie.

cystic fibrosisties first with cellar door. As they both sound great.

Words starting with C but are pronounced as an S make pretty words.

say it! "cellar door" ooooooooooooooooh. feel the prettiness!
By Mair
Cellar Door
An urban piece of architecture.
Can be made of wood.
Can be made of metal, which can be diamond plate.
It can be flat and part of the ground, or it can be at an angle forming a bank.
People use cellar doors to enter basements.
There is usually a lock on a cellar door.

Bobby Puleo kickflips and lands in the cellar door that is outside the bodega.
By Shelly
Cellar Door
the entrance to a subteranian labrinth or area made of wood or metal, may also allow access to a cellar(s)

the young girl would sneak down to the cellar at night and erotically caress the door
By Angeline
Cellar Door
A portal made of Materials of Wood, Water and Metal

By Lettie
Cellar Door

Jonathan playfully fingered his cellar door.
By Batsheva
Cellar Door
It is another way of describing the pussy. It is not the front door, it is definitely not the back door, its the cellar door. Takes you to the space below.

She said I couldn't go in the back door, but if I knocked on the cellar door she would let me enjoy downstairs.
By Diena
Cellar Door
The amazing person that is beautiful and very trustworthy. They will never let anyone down and will always stay with you.

Olivia is so cellar door, he parents are so lucky.
By Mia