Define Certainly Meaning

certainly is one of those words that makes you sound exponentialy more intellegent that you really are. it is very much like "indeed" in it's usage and effect. Works best if you put the word "well" or "why" in front of it, and if you use "truly?" as a question.

Joe: hey did you read that chapter in history?

you: why certainly winstin.

By Oriana
Certainly Gaurented
To be sure

You are certainly gaurented
By Clare
Certainly Gay

I wanna get spanked by my male improv friends, but certainly gay.
By Vinnie
They Are Most Certainly Not Delicious!
A line said by SpongeBob when he and Patrick were walking by a billboard advertising Barnacle Chips.

Patrick: Eat Barnacle Chips. They're delicious.

SpongeBob: They are most certainly not delicious!
By Batsheva
Why Certainly Dear
a statement of agreement when u cant be arsed saying anythin else, also can be used as sarcasm

person: hello lee

Lee: why certainly dear
By Andra