Define Chair Meaning


fred: lets go sit on the couch
bob: nah.. chairs where its at.
By Alexi
a word used to describe a person in the room who has no purpose. this person is just there and doesn't matter

"Dude what are these two girls doing here. They're just a couple of chairs."
By Fredra
where you put your ass cheeks

bob:yo where do you wanna put dem ass cheeks at?
billy: imma put dem toasty buns on this chair
bob: me too!
By Beryl
when spanish speakinq person is tryinq to say share.

Will you chair that taco with me?
By Zonda
An uncommon sexual position, where the willing or usually unwilling participant is strapped into a lawn chair (the conventional method is duct tape but varied uses have included rope, electrical cords and Christmas lights.) The person is then flipped upside down and a hole is cut out of the seat, exposing the person's anus and/or genitalia, creating a make-shift glory hole for instant gratification. Common practice is to "chair" outside but the more bashful often commence the activity in the garage or pool house.

Pull out a chair for the lady...
By Darelle
almost always useful. a person has to invest a great amount of faith into this object, for if it breaks (which is entirely possible) then one is putting the fact that they are currently not disabled at great risk ie. they could become disabled

Boy1: What you on bruv?
Boy2: A chair
Boy1: Isit? That's Sick
Boy2: Yeh, but I'm being careful though, 'cos if it breaks I could end up disabled.
Boy1: Mate, I wouldn't take the risk; I don't even sit on chairs anymore
By Wynny
a chair is what you use to start a fight or a riot, always work

" yo its to civilized here , throw a chair to start some shit."
By Caroline
a seat you sit on

By Amabelle
an object that is placed in a parking spot in front of one's house in Pittsburgh to save your parking place

Put the chair out once I get the the car dug out.
By Shandee
sitting device for when your legs are sad

i just fucked a chair bro
By Noelani