Define Chapelle Meaning

-Actor Dave Chapelle of 'Chapelle show' fame that airs on Comedy Central. Started out doing stand up, now is head writer and actor on his own show. Just signed a $55 Million dollar contract for only two years of his show - worth it.

That russel peters bitch is no chapelle.
By Kathe
An offensively funny comment.

Damn, that was a chapelle if I ever saw one!
By Tiffani
To chapelle a joke, is to steal someones joke and make it shitty..

Wow, that was way funnier when Owen first told that joke. He really chapelled the shit out of it.
By Trisha
funnius maximus

Dave Chapelle is the funniest comedian in the whole world.
By Nonah
A special un-common name given to mainly girls. Meaning lucky, beautiful, amazing, and special. Also meaning a part of a christian church.

Yeah there is this girl at my school named Chapel.

We go to the chapel to pray for our sick aunt.
By Bernelle
To look at someone else’s phone and read their messages without them knowing.

By Donny
Chapel Shaft
1. The deprived erection of a holy man.

2. An erection during confession and/or prayer. Catching the holy ghost in the shaft of your penis.

1. That priest got that good good chapel shaft.

2. During Sunday mass this morning I got mad chapel shaft while in the confessional and released the holy ghost all over the walls.
By Mirabel
Apple Chapel
Apple Chapel is best known to teenagers of the north shore in particular those from Knox Grammar.

Rumor has it that a teacher was coming back from detention when they heard a sound coming from inside the chapel. To their surprise they found two boys with their pants around their ankles and apple sauce in hand.

They say that they licked it of each other and used it as lube.

Needless to say the schools been stuck with the reputation ever since. Many people don't believe this to be true but after the arrest earlier this year.....well who knows.

"Hey did you hear about apple chapel?"

"yer that's nasty stuff"
By Blinny
Chapelle's Show
An example of a show waay ahead of its time. One of the most popular programs on the Comedy Channel. Popular catchphrases include, 'I'm rich bitch!!''

After two years on Chapelle's Show, Dave suffered from burnout or whatever and quit his own show.
By Marjie
Dave Chapelle
One funny ass person. said to be the new king of comedy by blender magazine. Has a very funny show on Comedy central. Starred in half baked, appaered in under cover brother and screwed. He has been funny for a long time but people have just started jumping on the bandwagon since his new show.

By Morna