Define Chaps Meaning

Used to refer to boys or men. Guys.

Sometimes extended to chappies.

It was originally short for chapman.

The chaps at the hardware store reckon this is a better brand.
By Ted
Every Harley rider knows that chaps are leather legs that protect in a crash and in cooler weather help you to keep warm. Rodeo chaps use them too. uhh uhh.

Ohh, it's cold today. We had better put on our chaps today before we ride.
By Shirline
Buttless pants that homosexual cowboys wear.

The cowboy wore chaps so he didn't have to take anything off before shitting.
By Ibby
our own london(uk) slang for silver braceletz!

"fuck,u got sum nang chapz"
By Antonella
'Chaps' is a kind of person who has a real life cullen in their life.

'Chaps' tend to be obsessive over grammer, excellent at maths, in denial about how pretty they are and prone to writing the name of their loved ones all over other peoples property. They also tend to have similar characteristics to Bella Swan.

'Chaps' also are prone to be "tree huggers" and woods are a huge passion of theirs.

Also, 'Chaps' tend to be part of the small group that prefers myspace to facebook.

Alex : OMG, your girlfriends such a Chaps!
Finstin : Ikr! She's like a total Bella clone!
By Yolanda
said when one is feeling annoyed, rubbed the wrong way, etc.

Madison: "I think Dairy Queen is closed today..."
Tucker: "Chaps."
By Masha
when a girl has shaved her genitalia without shaving her legs

Women from the Conga frequently sport chaps.
By Kessia
When its fucking cold.

"it's so fucking chaps that my dick is like a fucking stalagtite"
By Claudina
the epidemy of awesomeness. super cool.

"Dude, i just won the lotto!"
"CHAPS!!!!!!! man, chaps!"
By Jenelle
Could'a Had A Polo Shirt

A cheaper, more casual line of clothes than Polo, by Ralph Lauren. Its logo is a "C" or a "C" with an RL in it, in laurels. A cut above stuff like Hollister or Old Navy, but still doesn't make the big leagues like Lacoste and Polo

Bob: Yo, look at that dude with the polo with the laurels on it! I see a bigass C in a box. Must be Chaps.

Rob: Yup. He's about 30 bucks short of a real polo, or it's 30% off at The Bay this weekend
By Debee