Define Child Meaning

a wide eyed human of under 18 - eager to discover the world, but forced to attend a prison where they are force fed information and are left to be attacked socially by their peers while the teachers shrug. These poor creatures are in an environment where they are forced to fight tooth and nail to recieve a sliver of recognition from their peers.

By Imogene
An individual between birth and puberty. (usually about 0-12 years old)

By Rosamond

child = tommyinnit
By Winnah
tiny person who insists on shaking themself....constantly

"oh my god i swear if that child in front of me does not stop rocking in their movie seat i will roast them on a spit and serve them to the damned"
By Kiele
a form of cuisine, normally jewish.

"lemme eat the child with extra box
By Ingeborg
A term of endearment used by blacks who speak Ebonics or Blackanese.

By Rodi
What you all are. You're immature, you're swearing. Urban Dictionary may define your world, but you're gone too far! Read what to do when you publish. Now go be mature.

By Tove

Don't have a child unless you are ready to give up your freedom.
By Nana
a derogatory term for someone under the age of 13 or something, though most assholes call people under 18 children. contrary to popular belief, children are the best form of human that has ever existed, due to their innocence, uninhibited creativity, friendliness, and irresistible humor. all children are born with large amounts of creativity and imagination, though society quickly hushes that away so they can become an ass-faced drone to keep the modern society alive. children are a blessing, as they have yet to be turned into temper-mental assholes because life keeps pissing on their faces. however, some children can keep their souls, seeing that society is only tearing them down, so they lift themselves up and realize that life is testing you, and if you know that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, you will pass, and be happy until you die and transcend into glob-world.

Adult 1: ha! look at that child!
Adult 2: yeah, he can't do anything.
Child: *builds completely original and awesome thing out of LEGOs, completely showing up anything the adults had ever done in their lives*
Adult 1:... holy crap
Adult 2:... he's an adult in disguise!

Child: naw, I'm just better than you in every way. just like all the other children on the earth.
By Olly
See wordyoungin/word.

By Zsa Zsa