Define Clue Meaning

A synonym for an erection.

"My clue was so huge, I almost spewed clue-goo all over Joe."
By Rosanna
Used by jokers on the internet to refer to an erection.

"Yeah she gave me a clue. She gave me a RAGING CLUE!"

By Stevena
A euphemism for an erect penis. Used almost exclusively to refer to having achieved an erection in a socially awkward circumstance (see example).

Etmyology: the usage of this term was coined by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Priest: "We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our dear beloved-,"

John: "Psst! Joe! I've got a total raging clue! Create a distraction!"

Joe: "Fire! Fire!"

John (nine minutes later in a men's cubicle): "Aaaaah..."
By Celestia
word used in place of a positive adjective or noun you cant think of at the time.

By Jaimie
a hint that leads to the answer, as in a confusing web puzzle

By Gertruda
another term for the male process of getting an erection , usually occurs when looking at pornographic images or thinking of chantelle

Jesus Christ Harriot im getting such a raging clue
By Emelia

"I am you're singing telagram! (pow)"
By Merna
Not to have an idea

Can you guess who it is? not-a-clue.
By Daisey
Something to look for in order to solve a mystery or puzzle of some sort.

During the scavenger hunt, Braydon found a clue on his gf's facebook page. He found it as a subtitle in one of her earlier profile pictures. This clue would help him solve the scavenger hunt mystery!
By Delphinia
No Clue There
A comical way of implying that the way someone is at the moment is the way they are all the time.

"Hey, I think Joe's drunk."

"No clue there."
By Mirella