Define Codeword Meaning

a word or phrase shared by a group which has a special meaning to that group

codewords are often used to hide meaning or intention from anyone not in the group

groups that use codewords extensively include commies, racists, teens, politicians, military, conservatives, cops, criminals, drug dealers, gangs, lawyers, geeks, and spies

contrast "codeword" with "shibboleth", which is a word that identifies you as belonging to a particular group but doesn't have any special meaning

"Kenyan" is a white racist codeword for "nigger", as in the sentence, "The President is really a Kenyan". It's a way for upscale white conservatives and trailer-trash rednecks to mutually share their blatantly racist concerns.

shibboleth example: "As soon as that banger said 'aight', I knew he was a member of the Two-Seven. Only those OG's still say shit like that."
By Sharline
Codeword Dirtbag
the codeword to activate robot no.2 to hit griff

Sarge: robot no.2, codeword dirtbag
robot no. 2 "eep" *wham!*
Griff: "ow!"

random soldier: freeze!
Griff: oh damn it
random soldier:i said freeze! dirtbag!
robot no. 2: "eep!" *wham!*
Griff: oh come on!
By Ashien
Codeword Turtle
When you tell your boyfriend you want sex without actually saying sex around other people you may or may not know.

Frankii: Codeword Turtle!
Jonno: Ok lets go you sexy thang!
Old Lady: Ohhhh Turtles are nice, I wonder why they're talking about them.
By Kania