Define Comeback Meaning

The art of replying to an wordinsult/word with a witty word, statement or sentence.

By Katina
Comeback-ing truly is an artform. Attempted by many, mastered by few, it is art of quickly replying to an insult with and even better insult. To conquer the skill of the comeback there are 2 skils necessary; Quick wit and originality.

Pimpely faced person: Hey!
Loser idiot boy: Omg! have you heard of Pro-Activ?
Pimpely faced person: It's a part of growing up, not that you would know!
Random guy who pops up: Snap Crackle and Pop!

guy: Yo mamma is so fat she is like a whale! hahaha
other witter guy: Yo mamma's so fat i burnt my ass on the light when i was fucking her last night!
Guy: ... *punches other witter guy in balls to try and prove his manlyness after being completly owned*

A few weeks later....

Guy: yo mammas so fat i burnt my ass on the light last night when i was fucking her
other wittier guy: Dude, if i wanted my own comeback i'd wipe it off your mums face!
Guy: ...
Other wittier guy: *runs away because he doesnt want to get hit in the balls again and unlike the other guy he learns from his previuos experiences*
By Kaylil
here is a good comeback:
hey! u keep my mum outta this, and i'll keep 'this' outta ur mum

ya mum, huhuhuh im an idiot who uses this insult to everything
well, (use comeback here, u devilishly smart guy u)
By Kath
n. A response to an insult.

I can never come up with good comebacks; now is no exception.
By Selina
1. A witty and comical insult used to be hurtful

2. The act of reappearing from a long break(but not as a retirement)

Matt called Janie fat, so Janie decided with a comeback with ''Oh yeah I'm fat your ugly. I can diet''

I have made a comeback to Urban Dictionary
By Josi
The art of replying to something/someone with a witty word, statement or sentence.

Donald Trump: Atlantic City was a great place, I loved it. It was really something that had such potential and it's been hurt so badly by a lot of bad political decisions.

David Letterman: Has your barber ever made a bad decision?

Random Joe: Now that's a comeback.
By Lilias
a slang word used to describe good pussy. (the pussy that always stays wet even after fucking for a long time).

Nigga #1: Man, why Eric so sprung man? He don't ever be with his boys no more.

Nigga #2: They said he be caked up with Shanita. They said he said she got that comeback.

Nigga #1: Oh...dat's what's good my niggie. You gotta git in where ya fit in, feel me?
By Ingaberg

I felt like making a snappy comeback, but I knew that it would do no good.
By Rois

A: do you think 1D will have a comeback
B: yeah in 18 months

A: it's been 45 months now
B: that's the point, they zaying us :)
A: *cries in payne*
By Virgina
A reply to an insult that leaves your opponent more salty than a cracker.

BigDumb: "Your mom gay"
Intellectual: "No U"
"No U" is the ultimate comeback. Only capable of a stalemate by another "No U"
By Dacie