Define Comment Meaning

A consept of a computer language called Javascript and other computer languages.

there are two different types of comments in Javascript:

Single line comments wich begin with a double dash (//)

double line comments wich begin with /* and end with */ as a closing.

p.s. computers rock!

you forgot the comments in the script! fregin retard!
By Muire

Half the humor on was formerly found in the "comments" section. Conversely, their removal has made this site one half less funny, one half less entertaining to visit, and one half more retarded
By Blinnie
When the thread from the original comment is commandeered by another party or parties.

"Lisa made a great point but it got lost when a couple of guys commenteered it to argue."
By Daron
No Comment
The reply to a question that you wish not to answer due to the inconvenience that your response may incriminate you in one way or another.

Girl #1- "Do you like Matt's new hair cut?"
Girl #2- " comment"

Girl #1-"You and Josh were upstairs for a while last night! What the hell were you two doing?"
Girl #2-"No Comment"
By Jemimah
Someone who makes a lot of comments with a non stop attitude to ever stop commenting on this first thing you commented.

"Man your so commental today, cut it out."

By Dian
No Comment
The thing you say when you have something to hide and don't know what else to say

"Daddy, are you cheating on Mommy?
"Uhm, No comment."
By Claudette

Michelle: So I went into Wal-Mart and there was a lady in her bikini buying her son a...

Hannah: If she had the audacity...

Michelle: Excuse me?

Hannah: Sorry I was just commentating.
By Fayre
something urban dictionary got rid of

half the humor on urban dictionary was in the comments section, which urban dictionary got rid of
By Joeann
Comment For
When annoying ass posts on Facebook or any social media make you comment for something.

"comment for jesus" and "scroll for satan" or something similar to that, you get the point.
By Mimi
Anyone who has a myspace, becomes obsessed with these, thinking having the most comments will make them superior to everyone else.

A written note intended as an explanation, illustration, or criticism of a passage in a book or other writing; an annotation.

By Cacilia