Define Complete Stranger Meaning

Complete Stranger
The act of masturbating with both numb hand and penis, giving the effect of watching someone else masturbate.
The logical graduation from a reverse stranger

I was bored on sunday. So after a few drinks, i gave myself a complete stranger. Mate, it is like free gay porn.
By Katheryn
Complete Stranger
When you and your partner are holding hands and then proceed to jerk your dick off but without letting go of eachother's hand. For example if you're right handed and your left hand is holding on to your partner's right hand, open the palms up with your fingers still interlocked with each other and then place the hands around your penis and proceed to jerk yourself off.

Last night my girl was trying to be cute by holding hands in bed, before she knew it she was giving me a complete stranger.
By Esmeralda