Define Condescending Meaning

1. To descend to the level of one considered inferior; lower oneself.

2. Thinkin' your shit don't smell

3. To deal with people in a patronizingly superior manner.

Those who thought they were honoring me by condescending to address a few words to me. --F. W. Robinson.
By Agata
Law School professor who talks to students like they are first graders.

The condescending Pat Bob said: "Mr. Whitten, will you tell me when I can continue talking."
By Sapphire
Subtly showing that you feel superior to others. Is usually viewed as extremely douchey

Oh, I hate that kid. He's such a condescending piece of shit.
By Winni
1. When a criminal goes down the steps.
2. Showing arrogance or superiority

It was a condescending condescending.
By Daria
The past tense of condescending: having been talked down to.

You just got condescended sucker!

Ha, your ass was just condescended!
By Petronia
It’s when... wait, why am I talking to you? You’re an inferior species!

By Kiah
When you're moving down in an upper motion. Example: To jump in an elevator going down.

"Hey man watch me condescend in this elevator!"
"That's doesn't make any fucking sense. Where did you find that stupid definition of condescending? Are you retarded?
By Inessa

Gossiping queens are the matronizers of society...Holy shit! Also known as condescending queens.. You see them in the Clique movie
By Anastasia
The process of a person you're listening to condescend as your drink forms an abundant amount of condensation.

Man, I was drinking my Powerade when GenericGirlName just started talking to me. It wasn't long before condescendation took its toll and left me with a warm drink!
By Orel
"To condescend" derived from the Latin term " au-nus kirenus holus."

This word means to act like a smart person, and call everyone a fucking stupid cum head.

This word was very controversial during its time, because it was made by a person with many major flaws, for example, Down syndrome. Kiren Unger basappa is thought to be the creator of this, the dumbest word ever, because he is the only person alive today to be this fucking stupid.

-(I'm sorry Kiran Alex made me do it)

I hate to condescend, but...
By Ally