Define Conducted Meaning

To have set something alight. Used amongst professional pyromaniac.

"Hey man, (slobbers), I just conducted a small pigeon!"
"That's nothing! The other day I conducted some guy's hairdo right after I skooged him!"
By Aurelea
When heat or electricity is moving from place to another

"Omg Linda! You shocked me!!"

"It must have been conduction"
By Sherri

a focus on the specific methodologies and technical skills needed to plan, organise, coordinate or conduct,
By Neilla
When heat or electricity is moving from place to place

"Omg Linda you shocked me"

"It must of been conduction"
By Stephenie
Disorderly Conduct
A vaguely defined charge that any police office can exploit to arrest anyone they want.

The skater was charged with disorderly conduct for possessing a skateboard and refusing to hand it to the police officer.

The man was charged with disorderly conduct for refusing to state his name.
By Natka
Code Of Conduct
A code of conduct is a tool to improve the behaviour of brainless slaves. This bible of good behaviour is mostly used by big corporates like Audit firms or BoA where its usual to have low expectations about natural common sense of employees. It can be in written or electronic form.

"Hey have a look at that auditor jerk, his social compentence is based on the E&Y code of conduct"
By Therese
Conduct Card

By Gabriel
Penis Conduction
Something that usually happens in shop class.
Penis Conduction is like initiation or a dare, when you make an electrical circut using batteries and wires and complete the circuit using your penis. THis usually ends in what people like to call a feeling that feels like getting head, although this is unaccurate.

Mike: "Ok Jerry, put your dick in it."
Jerry: AHAAAA!!!!!
By Kiele
Chatsmanlike Conduct
Chat-smin-like-con-duct. When a person continually adds value by performing activities that warrant the call of "Chat".

Jerry took the bins out & helped Bridget with her homework, that's chatsmanlike conduct
By Monah
Meritorious Conduct
Conduct that is above and beyond the call of duty.
Going beyond what is the norm.

Behaviour that is extraordinary.

John has been awarded a medal for meritorious conduct while rescuing 5 people from a fire.
By Meade