Define Configuration Meaning

To ask someone what their configuration is, is to ask them what side of the political train tracks they take. As in, left-wing or right-wing, republican or democrat, green or red, you know.

"You wanna join the Manchester Hippie Corps? What's your configuration?"

"Green green green. Like the perfect weed, my friend."
By Miquela
Slang for configure; Natural "guess" when attempting to use the root of the word "configuration."

By Alina
The act of completely and immediately resolving a problem or issue of absolutely any given nature through pure brilliance and outstanding nerve. A rare phenomenon; typically native to a devestatingly attractive and intelligent individual, who pretty much just goes around fixing stuff. Like a boss.

"Dude. I don't know how you sorted that situation!"
"I know, at first it was a head-scratcher - but in the end I configured the hell out of it."
By Maddie
The person who does the configuration, design, programming, deployment and support of an application (that only 2 other people in the company understand) despite the best efforts of their project manager to really screw them around.

Also, far more than a BA.

He was the configurator as he did far more than just a BA despite the fact that TF was just an idiot who kept getting in the way.
By Prudence

By Cherri
Canine Configuration

Gerald requested the Canine Configuration for his birthday. Heather laid there and thought of England.
By Ursula
Configuration Masochism
Within the field of Information Technology, the act of implementing, possibly but not necessarily, good practice configurations without any business value just for the sake of using the available functionality and thereby creating the feeling of self satisfaction which has as the consequence that other involved parties are hindered in performing their day to day operations which invokes great frustration for said parties.

An architect suffering of configuration masochism designs the configuration of a totally private cloud instance in such a way that for each department in the company a small "firewalled" subnet is created while discarding the fact that in the end all services implemented by each department within their respective network segments have to communicate to each other in a non predictable way. Because of that an endless set of firewall and routing rules have to be created to make communication between these services possible which defeats the purpose of having firewalled network segments in the first place.
By Kori
21st century politically correct way to say nigger rig. See also "Southern engineering."

Verb: Yes, I'd be happy to "configure-rig" your $1200 dollar stereo in your $600 dollar Grand Am.

Adjective: My home theater system is totally "configure-rigged."
By Madelaine
Eyeballs Out Configuration
An eyeballs out configuration involves vehicles going backwards at a great velocity, causing the eyeballs to bulge out.

The centaur rocket propelled the spacecraft, in an eyeballs out configuration, causing the pilot's eyeballs to bulge out.
By Devinne

Bob is the DNS appliance configurationator for the project.
By Arda