Define Congratulations Meaning

Used in the end of Episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Clapping recommended when using the term 'congratulations' in this manner, unless the person you're congratulating utterly despises you.

"I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living here!"

Friends and family start clapping, and yelling "Hooray!"

"Congratulations! ( x 14)

"Ah...Thank you all."
By Orelie
used in any circumstance as a substitute for the phraze 'well done'

congratualtions... you've got your trophy
By Kiley
Means 'T-GEI.' Congratulations is a term used and coined by Felix Kjellberg (see God for more information) in his latest banger song 'Congratulations.' Youtubers 'Roomie' and Dave from 'Boy in a Band' also contributed to the discovery of this word. It has been scientifically proven that if you imagine Pewdiepie whispering in your ear 'Congratulations,' an immediate, intense orgasm will occur. This can also be achieved by looking at 9 year olds.

You notice movement to your left. You turn your gaze to the object that startled you, and you notice someone looking at you. They approach you quietly, and you start to get a clearer picture of their face. It is glistening and glowing a bright white, like that of an angle coming down from the heavens. His striking blue eyes pierce your vulnerable soul, yet making you feel safe and concealed. His beautiful, perfect facial hair resembles that of a viking king. He hovers towards you, as if he were without legs. His beauty temporarily blinds you and sends shivers of pleasure across your body. 10/10, would smash, you subtly think to yourself. The masculine, effortlessly gorgeous man, clad in a stunning Simone Says jumper (that I really want please can I have it) approaches your inferior, mortal being. His soft, full lips gently touches your ear. You can barely stand. Your legs start to buckle at the heels. This is it. If this beautiful man does anything else, you will surely melt. But you know it's coming. And you can't wait. He inhales gently. 'Congratulations.'
-JK Rowling
By Lane
When one is happy for someone and jealous at the same time

Him: I am going on a sweet holiday yo!
Her:aww man congratulations I'm so happy for you but I am also a bit jealous! Congratulous!
By Tamiko
PewDiePie’s newest music video sarcastically congratulating T-Series for surpassing PewDiePie and into the most subscribed YouTube channel but the truth is that PewDiePie will always be number one in our hearts. (Plus Pewdiepie is number one by the way as of this date)

Congratulations on being the most hated channel on YouTube, T-Series!
By Kaela
Endless emails from coworkers voicing their congratulations for something that happened in the office such as a promotion or a major customer win.

My inbox reeks from all the congratulence over my promotion.
By Kristi
It’s what people who haven’t given a shit about your life say when you do something remotely impressive. If the accomplishment is exceedingly impressive a hater who told you, you couldn’t make it will say bend over towards you put on a fake smile and tell you “congratu-fuckin-lations”

Hater: hey I heard you won that thing
Person: yeah
Hater: Congratulations ;)

Person: you’ll work for me some day.
By Ladonna
Congratulating someone after a particularly good fart

After a fart of great volume and/or smell, someone offers their hearty congratulence
By Lorilee
The way someone reclaims the #1 spot after a criminal organization (see T-Series) briefly takes said #1 spot.

It sounded like PewDiePie was saying Congratulations to T-Series... but in reality it was just the next shot in the war against corporate dominance.
By Clarissa

By Pearla