Define Context Meaning

The circumstances or events that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing which helps explain its full meaning.

Context: You are playfully poking me in the side
"I'll kill you if you don't stop!"

Context: You just crashed into my Lexus
"I'm gunna fucking kill you!"

Context: You don't realize that I'm a psycho killer and you accidentally step on my foot while passing me in a chance encounter
"I may just have to kill you for that..." *smirk*
By Margaretta
what more tiktokers need before making a video that would make zero sense if you saw it on your for you page.

person one: * posts tiktok with no context *
person two: what?
By Jeni
When you receive a text massage (SMS) asking you to send money to a bank in Nigeria.

Person 1: I got an SMS yesterday that said I can make £100 comission if I send a wire for £1000 to Nigeria.
Person 2: Don't do it - it's a context!
By Agneta

today a received a context that stated i could make a a thousand dollars an hour.
By Martita
(v) combo of words conversation and text(SMS TXT MSGING)i.e. to have a conversation via sms

context you later gurl!
By Andrei
an extended texting session between two people substituting for a real conversation.

dude 1: I had a serious contextation with Mary last night.

dude 2: Really! What did y'all discuss?

dude 1: The Relationship of course. Guess I'm monogamous now. We wound up texting all night.
By Lorilee
More information on an event that happened (usually before it happened)
This is racism.

Finding out or giving more information about an event that happened IS RACISM.

Don't @ me

Person 1: Did you see that video of the police shooting a black guy? Fucking police brutality!!!! FUCK THE POLICE
Person 2: Context ?

Person 2: Well Person 2.. the guy that was shot had a gun and-
By Amelina
being in a contest through text messaging.

"I just won concert tickets through the radio's contexting system!"
By Kelly
Context Jumping
In a conversation, it is the act of applying a different context to a word or phrase without the conversation having actually shifted context with it, thus confusing the listener. frequent iterations of context jumping will likely result in violence directed at the jumper from the listener.

It is the act "punning" without formally telling a pun.

Person 1: The dressing is totally what makes or breaks the salad.
Person 2: I hate dressing.
Person 1: Me too, but my wife hates when I walk around naked.
Person 2: Stop fucking Context Jumping!
By Ilene
Context Clues
Clues/hints found around a situation to help explain how or why the situation occurred.

This observation is usually blantently obvious to the person making the comment while the person the comment is being made to is oblivious.

Jim: Man, Lizzie really wants me tonite! It's weird because usually she doesn't gives me the time of day.

Danny: Uh.. lets see.. She's drunk off her ass, she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a skank, and she got fired from KFC today. Use the context clues bro! She doesn't like you, she's just desperate!

Jim: So you think I'll get laid?
By Mariann