Define Contraction Meaning

short for contradictory actions

Dave swore he was over his ex-girlfriend, but the words he kept putting on UD about her were contractions- he was projecting again.
By Dara
An endless and eternal pit devoid of all pleasure and goodness; the nerve center of all imaginable horrors; a putrid, oozing curse upon the world; that which makes us envy the dead; a gigantic, hulking nightmare factory; the ghost of lost freedom that forever haunts your soul; the mindkiller; a smoothie of broken glass, maggots, and metal filings; a mountain of reeking shit.

"I'm sorry, I can't go out tonight. I have to study for Contracts."
By Bonita
An unwritten, unspoken agreement between certain elements of law enforcement and other lawmen, cherchant, service providers

Yo, Patrick has a contract with the movie and TV unit, he can hook you up with some secret squirrel, cash ot!
By Geri
Mafia word when a made guy offers a reward to another to kill a specific person.

For cooperating with the police, I'm going to put out a contract on his head.
By Kakalina
If you are on or the Urban Dictionary app and are reading this text, you hereby agree to pay the person holding this device and letting you read this text any disclosed amount of cash. Personal deeds (including sexual) are also tolerable.
Failure to comply will result in a swift kick in the Gooty Hole by the person holding this device.

Other notes:
See: Gooty Hole

Friend: I broke my contract.
You: Prepare your Gooty Hole.
By Henrieta
A contraction, unlike most contractions, that can be made into another contraction with a contraction.
Shouldn't + can't = shan't

There for, both the words "shouldn't" and "can't", are contractables.

Man, I don't know how to use contractable in a sentence.
By Cara
1. an arrangement to have someone murdered by a

professional criminal

2. any illegal or unethical arrangement

Those bastards have set up a contract and are targeting the Former Governor.
By Rozamond
(adj.) Term used to describe a sexual partner who sleeps with you without receiving something first i.e. Dinner, movie, gifts. You still end up paying for it eventually. Origin - UK mobile telephone payment system.
Atonym - Pay as you go

My girlfriend has put out four times this week, I just know that I'm going to have to pay the contract soon.
By Lauren
A way to combine to perhaps unrelated words in a way that combines their meanings to some capacity and creates a whole new word with a compounded meaning.

A process by which larger things such as phrases or multiple words become smaller, such as a single word.

I combined two existing legitimate words to create a new word with a similar or conjoined meaning. Effective-Applicable Efficable. Contraction of things to become more dense. such as dense meaning or dense information aka Data.
By Zsazsa
The Contract
Millennial term for spouse or, generally, marriage. Shows the newly discovered disdain for old institutions like marriage.
Used as a pejorative about other's spouses preventing sexual relations.

I met this hot girl, she seemed to be down for the cause, then at the end of the night she got a text and had to run home to The Contract! Typical!
By Adiana