Define Controll Meaning

(noun) Possessions that you highly regard in which you exhibit great, obsessive control over. Sacred to your control only.
Examples may include your laptop, cell phone, desk space, notebooks, agenda book, etc.

Stop! Don't mess with my laptop settings! Back away from my controllable!

You're reading my text messages?! Are you know my phone is one of my controllables!
By Alexis
No Control
The first ever song (a 1D song) promoted by fans and hit #1 in music charts and radio stations around the world, all in a matter of less than 24 hours.

Mom: this song is really good. What's it called?
Me: i know, it's No Control mom *squeals*
By Kyle
Contextually can refer to a remote control or a device used for gaming.

By Aeriell
No Control
When you do something so amazing but it doesn't get recognised, so you and a bunch of people promote it one day and it gets super popular. ie. What happened with One Direction's song No Control.

*at an art gallery*
Jay: *staring at a large group of people looking at a painting* Isn't that Gemma's painting?
Nick: Yeah, she pulled a no control with her art club and got it featured. Became a huge hit.
By Shanna
What every human being desires yet has such a hard time obtaining it

People go out of their way to have complete control of their life but seem to get very lost on this journey
By Norina
No Control
A very popular 1D song about their morning boners and letting the girl take control of the sex or forplay.

By Tiphanie
somthing alot of people do not have

Dude, control yourself!!
By Agnes
" You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you,and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. "

Our power is in our ability to decide to take control.
By Annmarie
A device used to play video games, or a person in control of a machine, aka a train

Jack: You died because you suck.
Daniel: FUCK YOU.
By Gilberte
The dictating of actions, usually demonstrated by the weak-minded party in an unsuccessful relationship.

"She is my girlfriend, not your's, and don't even try the 'I'm controlling her' crap, because I'm not. Here's the deal: You don't send her flowers, you don't talk bad about me to her, you don't try to arrange outgoings with her."
By Iseabal