Define Cop Car Meaning

Cop Car
Greatest used vehicle known to man as long as it wasn't a K-9 unit and has less than 100,000 miles

did u see that awsome cop car?!?!
By Jeannine
Cop Car
meaning not cool, cop car should be used when someone is unhappy with the current situation they are in.

Becah: "i thought i told you i didnt want to go to papas house!?"
Rice: "cop car. You lied to me mama."
Becah: "Firetruck, go to your room."
By Gay
Torching The Cop Car
A popular phrase coined in the 2009 blockbuster The Hangover when the trio stole a police vehicle and realized that Stu had married a stripper in which they had several photos, mugs, hats, etc. of the event and "torching the cop car" was suggested as a plan of action to get rid of the evidence. This term is defined as disposing of, destroying, and/or literally "torching the shit" out of any viable evidence from previous incident(s) of shameful and indecent behavior that could possibly incriminate an individual/group of individuals.

Jim: I can't believe Melissa almost found this box of 253 sex tapes I made with those nameless hookers in our bedroom during our marriage all the way in the back of the closet.

Terry: Dude, either you hide those things better or you might want to be torching the cop car.
By Ilyse
Cop Car 69ing
The frequent site on roadway medians of two cop cars pulled up along side each other facing opposite directions, allowing the officers to talk to one another

Hey are those two cars illegally parked? No those two dudes are cop car 69ing while their women are in the mall.
By Latia
Swastika A Cop Car
To spray paint a swastika on a police car. Most often done by people who are anarchist,or in the american communist movement,neohippie movement,porn hippie movement,porn scene movement or underaged sex movement or anyone who just hates cops. It requires courage and craftiness.

You want a go swastika a cop car?
By Amitie