Define Correspondence Meaning

A close similarity, connection, or equivalence

"there is some correspondence between the two variables"
By Margaret

I enjoy corresponding with you.
By Wendye
Faithful Correspondent
A faithful correspondent promptly and thoughtfully replies to all communique.

A faithful correspondent, Montana kept in touch with New Jersey via text, e-mail, snail mail, facsimile, telegraph, and smoke signals.
By Helena
Foreign Correspondent
A journalist who needs to be salaried and accommodated in an exotic foreign location in order to download press releases from their home governments press office and re-word them as news.

"Here is a report from our foreign correspondent"
By Perle
Corresponding Is Bonding
Another form of the phrase twinning is winning, but more laid back. As in when you both wear similar outfits but they're not entirely the same.

Oh Bella and Alex wore striped shirts today, too! Corresponding is Bonding!!
By Opalina
Mutt Correspondent
mutt cor⋅re⋅spond⋅ent
muht kawr-uh-spon-duhnt

noun: used in reference as defined below to one in the multiracial (mutt) community who reports for, by, or about mutt news.

1. a person in (or about or for) the mutt community/multiracial, who communicates by letters, writing, speaking or other form of exchange.

2. a multiracial (mutt) person employed within the media i.e. a news agency, magazine or newspaper, television network, radio, internet, etc., to gather, report, or contribute mutt and non-mutt news or articles from a distant place.

3. a multiracial (mutt) person who provides news stories.

ME Mutt English

The position of mutt correspondent will be accepting applications next week.

The annual mutt correspondent convention will he held in Paris this year.

By Vicky
Foreign Correspondent
A Crystallised Methamphetamine (Ice) user.

From the famous case of ABC Foreign Correspondent Peter Lloyd who was arrested in Singapore and found to have Meth in his possession and in his bloodstream.

His CV looked great but he had that lean, edgy look of a Foreign Correspondent about him. So I hired the buxom lass instead.
By Gussy
No Correspondence Will Be Entered Into
In full: The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Bla bla small text no one ever reeds ... ... ... Some other crap... ... The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
By Christine
To correspond means to contact

They had to correspond by email while he worked abroad
By Emmaline