Define Currently Meaning

Happening atm not gona be happenin in a few mins. Only for that moment in time

Yes currently.
I'm here currently.
By Barbabra
Make something relevant for today's way of life; happening

I tried to currentize an otherwise bland outfit with a couple of leather belts worn stacked around my waist.
By Ekaterina
A current is a person you're talking to, doesn't necessarily have to be a boyfriend/ girlfriend but they are someone who has the potential to become more. It might also be known as tuning.

GIRL1: who's your current
GIRL2: ben

BOY1: bro, are you guys dating yet?
BOY2: nah man, shes just my current
By Adara
Describing the motion of an individual, place or thing who is hip, cool and has an abundance of charisma ahead of the curve

By Catha
The Current
The new "bae". It is the person you're interested in, but it's low-key. They're your "current" interest.

By Janaya

hahah Furrent lol (current and furry)
By Dina
Hipster or up to date on tumblr hipster things.

Girl 1- "I love her outfit it's like hipster, but new!"

Girl 2- "Yeah! She's so current !"
By Linette
Bahamian slang for the word electricity.

*electricity outage occurs*

“Man the current’s off again”
By Loraine

Proffesor: The current here is stronk

Student : the fuck is a current?

Proffesor: sea wind.
By Xaviera
A Current Affair

Tracy Grimshaw: The public has been outraged over (some infamous baddie) being left in peace.
Cue shitty footage of some male reporter harassing baddie at their place of residence.

Tracy Grimshaw: There's been some new evidence that suggests cats prefer the colour red.
"Expert" (flipping pages): Uh well we've been seeing a lot of new evidence that cats like red.
Random cat lady: "My old Mittens loves red things."
Street random: "Yeah I like cats."

Tracy Grimshaw: Next week on A Current Affair...
By Bride