Define Daddy Meaning

A term used to describe a male who is sexier than most

Jamie Dornan is daddy.
Zack looked daddy af last night.
By Jodi
the name that a girl says (probably to make the lucky guy horny or happy)

I cried out, "Daddy!" when his weapon tore my walls up.
By Maisie
a girls boyfriend or husband..who takes care of her, looks ou ofr her, (like a daddy) it is an affectionate term that should only be used on a man who deserves the ego boost.

By Lanie
1. a name you call your biological father
2. something you call a male figure you like very much
3. a name you call the man who's pounding your pussy

1. hey daddy can you get me some orange juice?
2. oh meh gawd shane dawson is my daddy
By Chryste
''what our mom uses in bed''

uh,uh,uh yes 'daddy' 'harder'
By Blondelle
A male that people think is sexual attractive
Adrien is a name that will never be called this

Adrien no I will not call you daddy
By Constance
something a girl might call her boyfriend or the guy fucking her, in the excitement of sex, a guy a girl looks to take care of her.

Me: i love when my daddy, jason fucks me hard.
By Gabriellia
when you have sex, and a girl screams "fuck me so hard daddy!"

"my big black dick is ready for you"
By Tamra
The word daddy is not defined by wether or not a man has a biological child. You can never produce a child and be a daddy, likewise you can have 20 kids and never be a daddy.

A daddy is a man who cares for a child's both physical and emotional needs. He puts the child's wants and needs ahead of his own.

A man who does a half ass job of raising his child is usually rewarded with drug addicted, nympho, wife beating, jail bird's - these men a frequently but not always known as baby daddy's

A true daddy is hard to come by, but and a truely special thing.

The little girl hugged her daddy.
By Delphine

"are you feeling it now mr. krabs?" "fuck me in the ass daddy"
By Beatrice