Define Dak Meaning

Marijuana, Cannibus. It's short for 'dakka'.

"I'm gunna go home, smoke a bit of 'dak' and jus' chill baby."
By Fleurette
Australian; to "dak" someone is to pull down there pants, usually in a crowded place to cause embarrassment. Daks being an Aussie term for trousers.

By Arlee
Verb: Australian. To pull down someone's daks to around the knee for the purpose of playful public humiliation.

Dave was skivving in front of some ladies, so four mates ran over and dakked him.
By Helyn
DAK means "Deautsche Afrika Korps". It's the german army in north Africa during world war II (1941 - 43). Probaly most famous man in it was Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel.

In 1943 DAK started using Tiger tank.
By Leonelle
Dirty Ass Kid.

A subtle way of calling a trashy person. These are the trash of the party-- very likely the uninvited townies who crash a random party and spread their dak-ness.

Jared: Oh god, Mary-Jo and her friends showed up at the party
Sarah: Oh wow, what a dak!
By Paulette
To talk incessantly, to someone who may or may not appreciate said dakking.

Shhh! I can't hear the movie over your dakking!
By Cinderella
Dirty Ass Kid

A nigga who only washes his clothes in the pouring rain, he smell like shit that fell out a plane

Dat niggas a DAK nigga!
By Selestina
a marijuana cigarette that is fatter than your pinky finger .

No more pinners, roll a dak this time.
By Dorolisa
To hit, strike or scratch something in a very specific manner.

1. Hey Veronica, what happened to your car?

2. Someone dak'ed it when I was at the casino.

3. That's not quite what it means, I don't think you're using it correctly.
By Rachele
The anthisis of dag

You wrecked my ride...that was totally dak!
By Joellyn