Define Damn Meaning

One of those words you can use in any situation. In any conversation AT ALL, you can just pop in and say "damn," and people will know exactly what you're talking about.

1. An expression of dismay.
2. An expression of awe.
3. "Giving a damn", the act of caring about something.
4. The act of condemning someone, most often to hell or an equivalent place.
5. "Damn you", a verbal middle finger equivalent to "go to hell".
6. An expression of surprise.
7. "Damn well", a sort of sentence enhancer, most often used with the word "better".
8. An adjective you can stick before phrases like "near" and "close to" to raise the sentence's severity.
9. An exclamation interchangeable with "Wow".
10. An adjective you can stick in front of absolutely any noun to add a feeling of stigma to your sentence.

1. You lost your keys? Damn.
3. I don't give a damn what you think!
4. You will be damned for doing that.
5. You're so rude! Damn you!
6. Person 1: *sneaking up behind Person 2* BOO!
Person 2: DAMN!!
7. You better damn well lock that door!
8. I was damn close to hitting that car!
9. Damn, that certainly is a colorful shirt.
10. That damn teacher gave us another pop quiz.
By Quinta
The all lowercase "damn" is something that Juped types every time he can not be asked to answer or read your message even if its something epic.

Walker - " Dude I just killed a man"
Juped - "damn"
By Rosemarie
level two of sentence enhancers
8=The Finger
* using two means adding.

By Elayne
To condemn of hatred to the lowliest depths of hell. Like most curses, it can be used in many forms.

Verb: Damn you!
Adjective: Turn that damn music down!
Sin: God damn you!
By Adelheid
the universal cuss word, everyone says it, and preachers say it in church, so it can fit in pretty much any sentence

Damn, this sucks
Damn, this is shitty food
or just... DAMN!
By Nata

(After seeing a homie get bitch slapped)
By Leann
what a guy says to a girl or what a girl says to a guy when they think the other is lookin good.

Dam girl, you lookin fine tonight lets make it happen!
By Corrina

By Shirl
the sight of a hot chick

"damn, shes fine".
By Caprice
used to emphasize shock or express disbelief

Dayummm you just got slapped by a girl!
Damn bitch.
Damn that boy is fiiiine.
By Rafaela