Define Dave Meaning

a) A fantastic TV channel in the UK that shows lots of Top Gear and Ray Mears stuff
b) The name you use when you can't think of a person's name

a) Oh, is Top Gear on Dave again?!
b) A - What was the name of that person we saw in the street?
B - I dunno! Dave?!
By Lyndsie
that one suburban neighbor that always has a better yard and Christmas display then you

daves house was blinding, and on top of that. HE SORTED HIS FLOWER BED
By Meris

Person 1: Who's that person?
Person 2: He's just my dave
By Merilyn
stop searching your name and do something with your life you uncultured swine

fuk off dave
By Hally

By Larisa
Alternative for the anatomical term, "taint," which is the area between one's anus and his or her balls and/or vagina.

I bought a new G-string, but it's made from a very rough material. I'm not worried about my package, but I'm concerned it might irritate my dave.
By Hally

"I need to lay a stinkin' dave"
By Jacquette
To have a fantastic opportunity and then completely fuck it up like only Dave can

Oh man, Kira totally pulled a dave! He turned that opportunity for an epic success into an epic failure.
By Justina

By Jenine
To decline an invitation to a casual lunch accompanied by alcohol with work colleagues. But agree to meet for an alcoholic drink or several afterwards.

Usually a result of specific dietary requirements (i.e. kosher, lactose intolerance), previous lunch arrangements or laziness.

Sorry guys, I brought lunch today. I'll probably dave it.
By Eleanora