Define David Meaning

David is a sweet guy that cares for his friends and, has amazing hair ,strong,handsome , is a panda(spirit animal),loves rock ,is a sucker for sour patch kids but will always try to make it fair and when he can he feels bad after wards ,and wants every one to know they are wanted.

Girl 1:have you meet that guy

Girl 2:yeah he's such a David
By Pru
A david is a kind hearted person. He always puts the people he loves first. No matter what people say to him he will always come out on top. He might not have a lot of friends but he makes up for it with all the love he has. He understands women and how to treat them.

david has a huge heart
By Ranice
always juiced and looks fly

By Tova
The meaning of Our Beloved One. A king of men! He will destroy giants and crush opponents. He is a true man. To anger him is to incur a wrath which will instill fear in the hearts of millions! Unusually charming and plays off of his good looks and devilish smile. He stands out. Very caring, active, handsome and seductive. An attentive and selfless lover. To him, the world is his. He shows determination. He tends to be loud and boastful. A man who is both strong and gentle, he has compassion, but can still react without mercy. A great leader, all people flock to him. A man that does and gets what he wants while never playing by any particular rules. Sought after by many, both female and male alike but he chooses his lucky lovers all too wisely.

By Wilie
The meaning of Our Beloved One. He stands out. Very caring, active, seductive, and handsome out of this world. He supports, annoying, creep, and shows determination. He well trained at times, but can often show his weirdness. Talent and smart and strong. He tends to be loud and boastful. Also baffling. Where would I or we be without him.

david is the doctor we wish was around all the time.
By Pamelina
David and goliath any david will always come out ahead david never losses david is a great name

david beat the rest of them in the tournament
By Junette
David - very cute , sensitive , caring , athletic , can be mean if someone gets on his nerves. But usually loving and a person who isn't afraid to say anything. Knows how to have a good time

but can be selfish also. He usually thinks about love and pushes the ones he love away from him then gets mad/upset. But over all a good person. And his best friend is usually a female . Also very tall and usually skinny boy.

Girl do you know David?

Girl 2 - GIRRL He's soo loving
By Latisha
Also can have dark blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes and are fucking awesome at sex and can be dangerous so don't fuck with them

By Susanna
an amazingly sweet boy. he’s mature, and respectful. he can always make you laugh no matter what. you can have countless conversations for hours, serious and silly. he gives amazing advice. he’s someone you can always go to, count on, and trust. he’s overprotective and actually cares about you and checks up on you.

By Mireille
david is an amazing person. he is extremely funny and can always put a smile on your face. he acts tough on the outside but on the inside he is a sweetheart. if you mess with someone he cares about, you probably won’t be breathing soon. he’s the most adorable boy you will ever meet. you can always count on this boy to make your day better no matter what. he’s the definition of amazing. this boy will make you fall in love with him even more every second. he’s goofy but can be serious when he needs to be. he’s the most amazing boyfriend ever.

wow david is sooo adorable

david and his girlfriend kendall are so cute
By Aubree