Define Dawg Meaning

friend or close friend

By Matti
1.close friend or homie, orginated within the African-American community. 2.term butchered by Randy a judge from American Idol. Now no longer popular

-Was good dawg?
-Yo dawg that was good! or Yo dawg that was bad
By Constancia
My homie, gangsta, g, pimp, friend, frat brother, brother, brotha, bro, buddy, dude, man, or other to do with friend. Said in the hood or on da street.

Sup dawgs? Ya wanna run wit my crew?
By Legra
A way to adress your friend, your homeboy, your homie.

Person #1 "This g is pissing me off"
Person #2 "Yo don't worry about it dawg, bitches come and go"
By Kacy
a term of endearment seriously over used by randy jackson when judging AI contestants - everyone is a dawg.
used in place of: my friend, my dear chap, mate, dude, merrrt! (chav speak), guy...

randy: yo dawg, it was a little pitchy, but dat was da bomb!
viewer (thinking): shut up randy
By Addy
dawg was not made up by anyone. it is the pronunciation of dog by southerners and has been pronounced that way for hundreds of years. such as the georgia bulldawgs. mane people do not know the origin because they grew up in the north and do not know how the south has pronounced that word for hundreds of years.

you see that dawg burying that bone?
By Marlane
too bad

An interjection popular in North Carolina similar to "darn" or "good Lord!"

That fish slipped off my hook just as I was pulling it into the boat.

By Imogene

Go Get Her You Dirty DAWG
By Erma

By Dixie
When you call someone, usually a female, a 'Dog' it means they're probably ugly or revolting in some way. If you call them a 'Dawg' it means that they're a friend or a 'homie' and are one of the pack. What if you're in the "ghetto" one day and use dawg while talking to someone, but say it without the proper pronouciation and say it more like dog. You could get shot for something like that, dog.

By Quintana