Define Day Meaning

The thing that exists when a yellow/orange ball is visible in the sky. Quite unlike night strangely.

It's a new day after that cold night.
By Cordie
day is a literal angel, she is someone who brings brightens to everything she is beautiful and with a heart of gold. she is the true meaning of captivating and breathtaking. she brings meaning to your day just like her name.

day is so beautiful i love her !
By Irene

let me sleep for just a few more hours...
By Violet
A milder form of the hutchie, where a person suddenly leaves his or her workplace for the rest of the day without notice but returns the next working day.

My boss annoyed me today so badly that I did a day.
By Yetty
verb, i.e., to day; to live almost, but not quite, to a hundred, as actress and singer Doris Day

I'm gonna day by eating my greens, walking three miles a day, and drinking only water.
By Priscilla
Something I hope you have a nice one of

Cows drink milk but not on Tuesdays but sometimes they see the moon, and when they see the moon they pray for a life without pasteurization, and they snuggle up in there blankets because your Chapstick is coming sense we have amazon prime and then the next day they were eaten.
By Tammara
As used in the phrase "back in the day", this means October 9, 1979

By Lanita
a really sweet girl, who has a lot of friends but is actually very shy ! she is the type to stick by your side no matter what, she will be there for you when you need her. she is beautiful and just such an angel. everyone loves her and wants to be her friend.

girl 1: omg who is that

girl 2: oh that’s day

girl 3: wow she’s so pretty she resembles an angel
By Heddi
slang expression for "die", often pronounced as "deigh"

Ya gonna day, maan! Whoatch out nekks thaym.
By Halie
Day After Yesterday, one of the greatest bands.

Day owns your life, they are cool.
By Helyn