Define Dead Ass Meaning

Dead Ass
To be completely and honestly serious.
A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.
To be truthful and not lie.
A truncation of the phrase "dead ass serious".

Guy 1: Yo, swear I saw George (W.) Bush jump that fence for a corndog...

Guy 2: What? nah uh, you're lying..

Guy 1: No, for real! I'm dead ass.
By Marj
Dead Ass
1. A phrase used to emphasize another word, feeling, or emotional statement; it's typically used by older individuals across the United States to mean "very", "severely", or "extremely" with a specific air of honesty. Unbeknownst to them, younger people are using the phrase in a slightly different way, but the intention is the dead ass same.

2. A phrase often used as a stand alone confirmation to emphasize a truthful statement; it's typically used by younger individuals to mean, "for real", "no joke", or "seriously". Unbeknownst to them, the phrase has been around for a long time and is often older than the individual using it; dead ass.

A: "Man, I am dead ass hungry. We need some breakfast"
B: "For real, let's go rustle up some fucking French toast".

A: "Bruh, did you end up getting with shorty last night"?
B: "Yeah, yeah, I got them droors; dead ass".
By Nadean
Dead Ass
dead ass can be use in a sentence or as a question. When some one said dead ass that mean their serious or they are asking a question to making sure that they some one is telling the truth

1.are you dead ass?

2. dead ass i'm not playing
By Arleyne
Dead Ass
dead ass is a word to use when you are confirming something someone else said.

person 1"hey i'm going to the bar later"

person 2 "Dead ass?"
By Idette
Dead Ass

I think I'm gonna take that last shot like, dead ass.
By Ettie
Dead Ass
When someone fails so hardcore he basically dies, AKA getting embarrassed to hell.

Person 1: Ima do a flip, hold my beer
Person 2: Gotchu
Person 1: *lands on head*
Person 2: dead ass
By Lenee
Dead Ass
something that smells really really really bad, a combo of smelling dead and smelling like ass

"Dear god it smells like dead ass in the bathroom."
By Phyllida
Dead Ass
It's where you with a group of close friends and when the pussy friend leaves the room those who remain figure out a code word to say when they get back. When they get back someone says the code word and everyone jumps on the pussy friend holding him down while another friend punches him repeatedly in the ass until his ass goes numb or "dead".

One friend - "Pickles"

All but pussy friend - let's dead ass him!

Man we dead assed the shit out of him so bad.
By Agnes

I got an A on my exam... Dead Ass....
By Brenda
Meaning to be serious about a subject previously spoken of in a conversation

That dude was packin' heat last night, I'm dead-ass, man.
By Marris