Define Dedication Meaning

noun. extreme or uncommon commitment to a task, people, or an ideal.

Mark has such a deep dedication to his work he once walked two miles in twenty inches of snow to open his office to customers (in a southern state with only a few snow plows).
By Sibelle
Showing commitment to something or someone regardless of other people's opinions

After losing 20+ games in a row, my homie still cheers for the Charlotte Bobcats. Now that's dedication.
By Fan

Wow she watched Cars 3 at midnight last night. That's dedication!
By Fayette

Despite many challenges, Dua Lipa has shown dedication by pursuing her dreams since she was young.
By Celka
When a male masturbates then ejaculates on someone's photo. And then giving it to that person.

wow that was a great photo of your mom. I'm going do give her a dedication later tonight
By Adore


When someone (or something) is devoted to a task to a point where it becomes obsessive or completely unreasonable. If someone is "dedicated", they will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve their goal, no matter what the outcome and even at the expense of others. It could also mean when someone is trying far too hard at something.

Matt is a dedicated savage
By Agnes
A hyper active kitty loving czech bastard who says random insults.

Dedic: AH! Kitty!

Pat: Hey Dedic.
Dedic: Fuck off, Jew.
By Wilhelmine
To cause to belong or be devoted to. (See devotion.)

Some people dedicate their entire lives to a single goal.
By Minette
To work hard, and be a cool cat.

Kelsey Lea Cox:)) & Joshua Nathaniel Juenemann show a lot of hard work and dedication, there for they succeed in many things!
By Esta
When you watch every episode of Drake and Josh, multiple times.

Person 1:”Wow, that person is dedicated.”
Person 2:”I know right! It’s so amazing”
By Gwynne