Define Deep Meaning

The number of people who were at a location

By Darsie
Bay area slang for far away or too far away.

Bruh, can you take me to Vallejo?

FUCK THAT, NIGGA! Vallejo is fuckin' DEEP, I ain't takin' you to no fuckin' Vallejo!

Come on, nigga, I got gas money!

You better have fuckin' Burger King money too, sheeit.
By Caryn

Chav 1: ur face looks like a baboons ass
Nerd: begins to cry
Chav 2: *laughing* deep man, deep
By Ferdinanda
a.When an event happens, for example, a statement is declared, and it fits the situation too perfectly to be a coincidence. A noticeable pattern emerges.

b. Someone says something that unintentionally reveals much more information about themselves that you didn't necessarily want to know.

c. Intense and philosophical.

Deep is relevant to individual happenings, usually when flirting with someone.
By Misha
When something is just - beyond articulation. When other words no longer provide the tools for explanation of certain acts and actions
Far from human/animal/living organism/and even microbe reckoning and reason, should they have them. deep is the adjective that re-defines meaning and thought and makes you reflect on your own spatial position in time and spherical systems, and also that of others.

Me: Nah, man. That's_that's - just
Chrystal: Deep.
Me: You get me!
By Beatrisa
Traveling wit a large group of people.

We was rollin' deep at the movies, we was wit hella people!!
By Georgena
1.) lots of depth, complex.
2.) profound
3.) to describe number of people

1.) this Dre beat is deep man.
2.) This book I'm reading for Ethics is deep.
3.) Well, we rolled 20 deep to the party.
By Maridel
1 - word heavy, hectic. something very good.
2- also used in place of "interesting" when something isn't so good
3- okay or really? used when no other appropriate words available. Also used to mean profound when in this context.

1 - "This tune is deep. For real"
2- "What did you think of my singing?"
"Er, yeah... It was... deep"
3- "I just got mugged."
"That's deep"
By Liva
Meaning ur fucked up after jus takin some pills like hydrocodine. When ur feelin good, happy, and can't even walk straight.

Jesus after takin two pills of hydrocodine:"Damn nikka i'm deep as hell."
By Roxana

years dating "4 deep"

people at a location
"15 deep"
By Robinia