Define Definition Meaning


the definition for a definition is a definition
By Ramonda
If I knew what this word meant, I would place the definition here.

Can anyone place a definition here for the amazingly stupid?
By Ronni
The meaning of a word, you silly mofos.

I defined "definition." I gave the meaning of the word "definition."
By Brianne
A series of words used to explain the meaning of another word; sometimes don't make sense

Ran: to have run.

Pain: Strong, sharp physical discomfort
By Tyne
What you're reading now, dork.

I'm a dork for writing a defintion of definition, as you are also a dork for reading this defintion of defintion.
By Lelia
something that never gets fucking published cause of "editors"

John:"My definition didn't get published."
Dave:"I know! Mine was perfectly fucking fine."
John:"They won't accept this one I bet."
By Oliy
A sentence that tells what a word means.

I need a definition for Rule #34.
By Constantina

By Simonette
1) something which cannot be defined

2) that which this definition does not refer to

3) something entirely useless except in the case of attempting to convince someone of something untrue

4)the focus of this definition

5) this is impossible. Nevermind.

By Antonetta
Yo, from the first to the last of it, delivery is passionate.

The whole and not the half of it, vocab and not the math of it.

Projectile that them blasted with, accurate assassin shit.

Lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd, lawd have mercy
All nice and decent crew, follow me now, we say
Say Hi-Tek yes you're ruling hip-hop
Say J. Rawls yes you're ruling hip-hop
Redefinition say you're ruling hip-hop
Say Black Star come to rock it non...
By Georgianne