Define Deserving Meaning

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"That is deservant!" Donald Faison said. "It's Latin."
By Judy
An expression for when someone gets what they deserve. A shorter way of saying “They got what they deserved” or “They deserved that”.

Person 1: I contracted an STD from sleeping around

Person 2: HAHAHA deserve!
By Gaby
Noun: Something that you had coming. Something that was deserved. The noun form of deserve.

'Why did you fart on me?'
'It was your deserval'
By Eudora
Like a right, but you've earned it. A just reward.

Why should I give you the day off?

Hey man, I wrote 2000 lines of code yesterday. A day off, that's my deservation.
By Pegeen
to be worthy of, esteem or something of value

spoiled teen on MTV: " Oh, my sweet sixteen cost more than my parents wedding, but I deserved it!!"
By Merrie
a) what one deserves

b) what one is worthy of deserving

1) He died a slow death of leprosy which was nothing less than his deservement
2) Batman is Gotham's need, not Gotham's deservement
By Lexi
worthy of being treated in a particular way, typically of being given assistance.

If anyone is deserving it's me
By Melany

1. the band Deservation is awesome!!!
By Beverley
Deserves A Medal
deserves a medal, (he or she)

A constant hard worker.

"You deserve a medal" is a commendation to someone for doing something oneself would not like to have done.

"Paul cleaned out the gutter for me, that man deserves a medal."
By Kyle
Deserved Better
to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration. verb (used without object), deserved, deserving.

tmr characters deserved better
By Walliw