Define Dicks Meaning

like to fuck. they fuck pussies, but sometimes they fuck assholes too.

By Ursula
noun; Derogatory slang for a Doral 100 Ultra Light brand Ciggarette.

"man i was broke as fuck this week, had to settle for a carton of dicks"
By Joella
"The Dicks" : The Chicago word for the undercover cops who think they are slick rolling up in those "plain" ford cars with "plain" clothes....when everyone already know its them because the shit is obvious.

"Oh shit it's the dicks! DROP THAT WEED!"
By Anna-Diane
a greeting as in "yo", or "hello."

todd walks in a room, goes to his friend and says "dicks." his friend then rplys "dicks."
By Zonnya
Dayton wheels, also called D's for short.

Sample lyrics from "Black Ice" (Goodie Mob version):
... for them boys with the deep dish dicks, white walls thick, didn't have to change much
Didn't have to fix shit, so,
Man, make the mothafucka speaka blow, shake the fuckin' flow
Here to let your ass know....
By Darcie
duel exhausts pipes on an automobile

I had ta tho dicks on the big body Chev'.
By Noami
flappy, sometimes hard pieces of meat wedged between two legs.

how tf am i supposed to know iʼm gay & dicks are literally just a peice of meat flapping around
By Felicle
Dick In A Dick
One man inserting his penis into another man's peehole.

The holy grail of creepy internet porn.

dick in a dick...someday perhaps I will find it...
By Clementia
Dick To Dick
Putting the tip of your penis against the tip of another penis and masturbating them simultaneously.

Patrick and John went dick to dick at the party last night
By Caprice
The Dick Dick

By Katinka