Define Did The Do Meaning

Did A Do
Phrase used to describe an accomplishment that cannot be adequately summed up with another phrase. Due to its informal nature, it is usually used for minor accomplishments, usually among close friends. It rarely is used negatively or sarcastically.

After getting a small part in the community play, Jamie's friends congratulated him, saying "Jamie did a do."
By Legra
Did The Do
Fingered, When a male inserts his finger(s) into a females vagina.

Did you hear? Charlie and Gwen did the do.
By Flor
What Did It Do
The proper way of saying "wat it do." Ghetto gangster people will say otherwise but this is correct English for this expression.

Steve: "what did it do, Nana?"
Nana: "nigga please. you're chinese, why you tryin to act ghetto?"
By Jacinthe
Why Did You Do That?
Well, I wanted to. If you are reading this, why did you do that? If you leak shit, why did you do that?

Nigga: Drops lean on homie's shoe
Homie: Man, why did you do that?
Nibba: I wanted to.
By Noelle
What Did I Do Wrong

By Natividad
Did You Do The Government Homework?

After he saw his date to the Winterball wasn't enjoying the slow dance with him, Zak turned to Paul and asked "So Paul, did you do the government homework?" Paul believing that there really was government homework that he had forgotten about, pushed his date away, and turned to ask Evan if there was government homework. Even, also thinking that there was government homework that he had forgotten, pushed his date away also.
By Melosa
Did Bush Do 9/11
bush did 9/11 because it was an inside job. for example,1. the standard jet fuel in the U.S. has a burning point of 980 degrees. the standard steel beams have a melting point of 2,800 degrees. 2 right before the planes hit, there was a loud bang noice from the floors below. 3. World Trade Center 7 had fallen by itself. even though it wasnt hit in particular. 4. Illuminati

By Crista
What Did I Do Last Night?
The question you ask yourself or your friends after a night of heavy drinking. Often, you do not want to hear the response, but need to know if you should apologize to anyone or get checked for STDs.
You usually spend the rest of the day dwelling on the events of the past night and slapping yourself on the head saying "doh!"

yo what did i do last night?
Danced with some drunk chick on stage at the bar and busted your ass
By Arden
Whad Did Do Day?
A retarded way of saying "what did you say?"

Matt: I have a small cock...I mean...let's be serious, i'm a fucking midget.
By Chloette
I Did The Do I Needed To Do To Get The Do Done
a elongated and confusing way to say that you finished your goal

guy-i did the do i needed to do to get the do done

that guy- excuse me, what?

guy- I'M DONE
By Lucia