Define Disaster Meaning

A real elmore, fuck up, fiasco or general mess.

Enron was a complete elmore; the result was a disaster for the shareholders and employees alike.
By Jacenta
Alcoholic drink mixture which originates in Cork, Ireland

A round of Disasters please.
He had one to many disasters last nite.
By Julieta
A combination of the words disasterous and masterful.

I went out drinking with the guys last night. We hit up fourteen bars, but I don't remember the last six. What a disasterful evening!
By Shanon

Kid: Close. It's a disaster known as Miley Cyrus
Fan girl younger sister: That's not true! Everybody loves Miley Cyrus!
Kid: Everyone with Lobotomy.
By Janaye

By Auguste
Jaylen Ariana Sitzlar❤️

By Carlye
Jaylen Ariana Sitzlar❤️

By Hope
King Of Disasters
Akshay Kumar is the King of Disasters.
From East to west, north to south he has given tons of disasters.
120 disasters on overseas soil & 80 disasters in domestic market Akshay Kumar has achieved everything so far to be labelled as King of disasters!

Teacher - Earthquake, tsunami, volcano ke baad sabse bada disaster kaun hai?
Student - Akshay Kumar The King of Disasters
By Philipa
Disaster Machine
Canadian Akshay Kumar known as Disaster Machine.
Akshay Kumar has acquired cult status when it comes to flops & disasters.
More than 80 Flops in domestic market & 100 flops in overseas, Akshay Kumar has every right to be crowned as Disaster Machine.

When disaster machine invented, engineer said 'yeh dekho akshay kumar'
By Stacey
Disaster Lesbian
A lesbian who simply cannot function or speak properly around their female crush. They may often find themselves to be a mess at the mere sight of a cute girl.

I can't stop thinking about her. God, why am I such a disaster lesbian?
By Yasmeen