Define Do Something Meaning

Do Something
verb. to defecate, pass excrement (usually used of babies/children)

As a child I was given an enema if I didn't do something for 4 days
By Hadria
Do Something
A phrased used on someone who is already upset or angry, in an attempt to look tough because the other party won't resort to violence.

"Yeah, I stole your last Twinkie, do something!"
By Fawne
Do Something
A phrase used by Florida State University's head football coach Willie Taggart. A phrase that is used to get lazy football players to get off their asses and be productive.

"James! quit crying over UF not offering a scholarship, Do Something!"
By Uta
Doing Something
refering to sex, being naughty; wanting it

Tony: "yo man arent you supposed to be doing something?"

Daivd: "nawh man she aint ready."
By Jackie
Do Something

Do something intimation is killing me
By Lida
Lets Do Something
agreeing to go out somewhere safe and private to indulge in smoking pot

Behind a tree, in the dark alley, on the beach, in someones cabin without children,or in a car with the windows closed lets do something.
By Martynne
B.o.b Do Something

B.O.B DO SOMETHING is when ashe in overwatch uses thier ultimate
By Danita
We Should Do Something Sometime
Common expression used when faced with once friends or with someone you just used for something and feel like you need to make it up to them by hanging out or doing something with them sometime. In reality, this 'something' will most likely not happen anytime.

Oh wow! I haven't seen you in a while. How are you? GOOD! well, I gotta go, but we should do something sometime! can't forget the *wince* Call me!
By Kelila
We Should Do Something Sometime
We should hang out. Sometimes used as a shy version of "we should go on a date".

By Ardath
We Should Do Something Sometime
Used to pick someone up without actually asking them on a date.

A casual suggestion to hang out with anyone, without sounding desperate.

By Faydra